At age 21 I deployed to Iraq as a member of the USMC Scout platoon attatched to the Regimental Combat Team 8. our mission was to conduct operations from a Foward Operating Base in the heart of Al Fallujah. While others had nick names like "Pooh bear, Mango, Cho@ch, And Poncho" the name Zulu was given to me and it has followed me since.  ​

My partner Henry Andelo a life long friend of mine, also served in the Marine Corps. As a member of 1st Bn 6th regiment he deployed to Iraq, and Afghanistan. As a member of MARSOC (Marine Special Operations) he deployed to various locations throughout the world. He was given the nick name Bolo while deployed and many years later he is still referred to as Bolo. 

We're both experience combat veterans, who have fired and owned a wide variety of firearms. We want to bring excellent customer service, share the knowledge we posses, and our low prices to you.